PIUS the shoe dryer

Each version of the PIUS is functional and hygienic. In the colder months, the ski boot dryer is perfect for drying ski boots and for keeping them warm.

PIUS shoe dryer

Although designed with a practical function in mind, the PIUS also has a chic and stylish appearance. The dryer's well-formed hangers are made from stainless steel, therefore ensuring the highest levels of hygiene. The design may be outstanding, but the PIUS makes no sacrifices on quality. And that means that it makes quite an impression: time and time and again, PIUS-users have been thoroughly impressed. A testament to both the design and quality of the PIUS.

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All advantages at a glance

  • elegant design
  • easy to maintain, robust, long-lasting
  • energy efficient (20 - 25 watts per pair of shoes)
  • narrow hangers gently warm shoes from the inside
  • variable temperature set to up to 45 degrees
  • powered by electricity (230 V) OR run on the central heating
  • robust stainless steel hangers
  • hangers can also be used for hats, jackets, gloves, and more
  • maintenance-free

The individualist.

Solid wood, winter landscape, motorbikes, comic characters: The PIUS can never be too colourful. The PIUS is available in four stylish designs, which turn any shoe room into a showroom.

"Every time I pass by the shoe dryer in the cellar, I just have to smile. Firstly because of the fantastic motif, and secondly, because it's just such a luxury to slip on warm walking boots or ski boots. And with the children, we often end up with wet shoes - puddles seem to be quite irresistible!"

Rosmarie Lerchenmüller


You'll find a wide range of ski boot dryers in our shop, or place an order according to your own individual requirements.

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