JODOK - the glove dryer with the special extra.

Modern bathrooms often have underfloor heating only. That can turn the job of drying your clothes and equipment after a day on the snow into a rather a drawn-out and chaotic process. JODOK is here to help. In contrast to other similar products, JODOK can be used all year round as a towel dryer, but also to dry gloves, hats and even children's boots.

Attractive and practical.

The attractive design of the JODOK dryer not only makes it an asset to any bathroom, but is also highly practical. The heated rungs are locked, so towels can be easily hung up to dry. The short side offers space for drying gloves or other items which also need to be quickly and thoroughly dried.

Everything sorted.

It's possible to cold-start the JODOK within approximately seven minutes.
Once warm, the JODOK maintains a constant temperature of 43 degrees - no need to adjust settings or regulate the temperature. The JODOK is designed for constant use and even when it's being used to its maximum capacity, it won't overheat.

All advantages at a glance
•    many uses
•    dries both towels and gloves simultaneously (year round use)
•    dries items more quickly and efficiently than floor heating
•    no wet furniture and fittings - >; JODOK also dries your gloves (and children's shoes)
•    open sides - easy access to hang towels and gloves
•    can be mounted on either side
•    energy efficient
•    temperature can be set up to 43 degrees - self-regulating
•    easy installation (installation time of 15 minutes)
•    Dimensions B/H/D 72 x 120 x 10 cm

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