EMIL for Boiler rooms

Why do I need an EMIL system?

Time is money
Nowadays, drying rooms need to be installed and ready for use within a very short period of time. With EMIL you'll save yourself a great deal of time. No need for pipes to be installed on the walls of the drying room; these will now be contained within one single pillar. Not just any pillar, however, it has to be said that this pillar has a little more to it. EMIL is a modern central heat dispersion unit for drying rooms. It serves as an intelligent energy management solution.

Achieve more with less
In terms of both hydraulics and electrics, EMIL arrives finished and ready for use. It can be installed and used immediately. EMIL can be assembled and installed within eight hours. That saves you time, money, dust and a great deal of space. What other central heat dispersion unit requires only 0.4 m² of space?

Upgrading is easy
Whichever type of heating your customers opt for. EMIL is compatible with all heating systems. If, for example, your customer should later decide to install a solar powered heating system, it would be possible to quickly and easily upgrade the EMIL system. Whether you're dealing with a new build or a renovation project, the EMIL system takes up very little space and offers a clean and intelligent solution for energy management.

Design and function


How it works

The customer's chosen heating system must simply be connected to the EMIL system, and the heating can then be used.
The fresh warm water cycle, which is installed within the EMIL system, guarantees fresh warm water whenever it's needed.
If required, we are also able to provide a ceiling flange, which further simplifies the installation of the EMIL system. The flange can be built into the cement ceiling at construction stage and all pipes can then be fed through the flange. The flange also ensures an aesthetic and tidy finish where the piped enter the ceiling.

All advantages at a glance
•    space-saving, requires only 0.4 m² of space
•    simple and accurate assembly
•    very quick installation - assembly within approximately eight hours
•    compatible with all heating systems
•    short lengths of piping ensure energy efficiency
•    optimally insulated
•    electric cabling ready on delivery
•    thermal output of 50 kW
•    possible to upgrade at any point
•    suitable for buildings of any size
•    simple and accurate costing available for renovation projects
•    no piping on walls
•    no settling dust
•    chic and simple design


In order that we're able to guarantee continued functionality, we have used only pumps and levers which are used as the trade standard; this means that there will be no problems or delays if parts need replacing on-site. If a connection is available, the system can also be controlled remotely. In emergencies, we will of course, also send out a member of our service team to solve any issues.

EMIL die intelligente Energiemanagementlösung für den Heizraum

Satisfied customers

Numerous customers have already chosen to install our EMIL system.


How should the EMIL system be positioned in the drying room?

EMIL can be installed as a freestanding unit. You'll find further information on positioning options above, under the subheadings, "Why do I need an EMIL system?" and "Reviews".
The ceilings in old buildings, or in renovated properties, are often fairly low. Is it possible to reduce the height of the EMIL system?
The EMIL system has a height of 1.90 m, which is the same as a storage room or granary. So, the EMIL system can be installed without problems in a room with a ceiling height of 2.0 m. A tailored version of the EMIL system can be produced for rooms with a ceiling height of less than 2.0 m.
Is it possible to install components, such as pumps from other manufacturers, in the system?
This depends on the number of parts. It is, however, theoretically possible.

According to costings for a standard boiler room, the price is higher with the EMIL system
The lengths of piping are very short and the fitting process itself is parred down. This means that installation can be completed within a short period of time, and there are not great demands on personnel.