Assembly block

Your benefits at a glance:
•    gushing sounds between pipes and buildings are prevented
•    pipes and lever connections have top insulation values
•    complies with current fire safety and environmental standards
•    adhesive surface securely attaches to other materials
•    simple free-standing unit: supporting structure is zinc-plated and height adjustable
•    mounted in cement walls and stonework
•    mounted in plasterboard walls with a zinc-plated supporting structure which is variable in length
•    mounted in wooden walls with a wooden supporting structure

Easier and quicker installation guaranteed

Our assembly block can be quickly and easily installed in cement, plasterboard and wooden walls, or in stonework. Subsequent unevenness in walls or ceilings is minimised.
All connections in the assembly block are tension-free and are secured against rotation; only levers need to be attached. After the block has been installed, the wall construction is directly integrated. And then, only the levers need to be attached.