Pipe installation tool

Your benefits at a glance:
•    prefabricated assembly tool
•    can be lengthened as required
•    waterproof, stable
•    distance between pipes is predetermined
•    pipes are securely mounted in an instant
•    groups of pipes of various dimensions can be pre-mounted

Pipe installation tool

Pipes are securely mounted in an instant.
Our pipe installation tool enables you to quickly mount a large number of pipes. The pipe installation tool and gathering system can be lengthened as required, and is waterproof.
The pipe installation tool is fixed to the floor, allowing individual pipes to be quickly arranged and mounted. The predetermined distance between each pipe is clearly defined - no need for measuring.


Mit dem Rohrmontage-Tool von Axber ersparen wir uns jedes Mal Zeit und Geld. Danke Axber!

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